The Master of the Pale Pharmacy and Natural Treatment Regimes

Over the years, human beings have become more dependent on prescription drugs for various reasons. However, Dr. Lane Sebring is intent on reversing this through the use of natural methods. Dr. Lane Sebring is the founder of Sebring Clinic that is located in Wimberley, Texas. He is also the founder of Paleo Pharmacy that specializes in dietary changes to enhance health and eliminate diseases in the human body.

Dr. Sebring's main goal is to enlighten people on the nature of disease and then educate them on how to eliminate and avoid these diseases. He started his Paleo practice in 1998 soon after attending a talk facilitated by Loren Cordain on the power of the paleo diet. He weans all his clients off the conventional medicine and slowly induces the new natural regime to improve their health. The trick to his practice is to get to the root cause of the problem and then strive to eliminate it using natural dietary methods. This is unlike the conventional medicine way of treating the symptoms. This became apparent to Dr. Sebring during his practice in conventional medicine.

He provides guidance to the staff in his clinic to facilitate the activities in his clinic. They provide nutritional therapy that guides patients on the best dietary remedies for different ailments, laboratory services and x-rays. Dr. Lane Sebring aims to provide a comprehensive health care experience through his clinic, staff and the Paleo pharmacy. In addition to this, he provides regenerative and anti-aging solutions to his patients to avoid the burden of unnatural aging that has been brought about by overreliance in medicine. He realized that the human body was aging faster and unnaturally due to the high levels of activity maintained in most organs during the individual's lifetime and is set to reverse this worrying trend.

He has over 18 years' experience in medicine and this has played a great role to his current practice. He is able to treat most diseases through natural means. Dr. Sebring obtained his degree in Biology from the University of Texas. Later on, he obtained his M.D from the University of Texas, Galveston Medical Branch. His medical residency was in the University of Texas Health Science Center, Tyler. He then started his private practice in 1996.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Sebring treats many illnesses the natural way. You may become his patient as well. if you are tired of popping pills throughout, you should try his paleo diet. He prides himself in teaching total lifestyle changes that enable your body to work at its optimum level without unnecessarily overloading organs. This enables you to function properly and allows you to have more choices at your disposal. The lifestyle change will help you in living a more fulfilling life.